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Experience the rearing stable in this video

Care for your animals, employees, the environment and your finances.

Rearing stables utilise the latest advances in agricultural construction and guarantee you a barn which will meet future welfare, legislative and environmental requirements. The barn was developed in collaboration with Jyden, Big Dutchman and Skov. You receive a safely produced housing facility with low costs and high efficiency - A win-win barn concept with numerous advantages.


Your animals benefit from better animal welfare!

  • Less stress as a result of the optimal environment in the barn
  • Reduced ammonia/smell as a result of extraction through the slatted floor
  • The option of straw in the pens because of line spillage in manure management
  • Compliance with legislation on enrichment and work materials.

The environment benefits from low environmental impact.

  • Less odour emissions due to frequent manure transition (expected effect of 25 percent; source VSP)
  • Reduced ammonia impact, as there is an option for passing the air through air filters
  • Low energy consumption for heating due to good insulation
  • Low energy consumption for ventilation, lighting etc.

Your employees benefit from an optimum working environment.

  • Bright and friendly barn with daylight
  • Good working environment in the barn due to ceiling height to the ridge beam
  • Optimal barn air with reduced ammonia and dust problems
  • Sophisticated logistics ensure optimum workflows
  • Automatic manure transition
  • Efficient management of pigs due to broad aisles and extradition
  • Easy to clean barn with rapid drying properties

 Your finances benefit from increased efficiency in production!

  • Competitive price due to turnkey contracts.
  • Low material prices due to our large purchasing volume.
  • Optimal building economy due to rapid construction.
  • Many years of durability with proven building materials.
  • Minimal maintenance due to concrete/glass and steel roof.
  • Production safety due to well-known walkway systems.
  • Increased efficiency due to improved work environment and optimal workflows.
  • Centralised air extraction delivered pre-prepared for air filters.


Read and download our folder about the rearing stable here.



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