At Graakjaer we have a new form of collaboration between owner and contractor which we call Partnering.

Through Partnering the parties establish a culture of collaboration in which the competences of all parties are used. The partnership consists of the owner, the contractor and possibly the advisor on the project. The parties collaborate on expressing mutual goals – and fulfilling these goals.

The purpose of partnering is thus, primarily to optimize the phases of drawing and project engineering in order to create the best possible basis for the building process – and a better product that will become a success for all parties involved.

Graakjaer has accomplished several projects through Partnering and both owners and suppliers are positive towards the new form of collaboration.

“The experiences we have from the projects done through Partnering shows us that it gives a flexible and transparent collaboration with the owner” Says Martin Rindom, Divisional Manager at Graakjaer “the flexibility we achieve is to the benefit of all parties. The fact that the owner is actively involved in the purchase phase gives a great incentive to create optimizations of the project together – and thus secure a favourable price of the building”.

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