Being visionary and acting on developments in society, has been a contributing factor to the success of the company.
"We have never been afraid to pursue a good idea. I remember standing in a field in the United States and looking out over a number of barns built to the same design and thought, I will be the first in Denmark to build like that. So, when I got home we started to develop the E-barn, which has since become the Eurofarm concept. Many of the innovations we develop have come from the clients themselves. We are known for our innovation and we are willing to try new methods, with the understanding that our proven building concepts form the basis for everything we do", says John Gråkjær.


According to John Gråkjær there are three important pieces which must be in place to become an entrepreneur - motivation, determination and a good idea.
 "You must be able to see where your business is going. Having the motivation that allows you to imagine the landscape in one or five years is important. There will be difficult times during any development, so it is important to be well motivated. At times when it hurts to run a business, your will must be strong enough to get you through it all. This company has experienced crises during construction, and it is important that you believe in your future plans, correct them slightly and then be strong," says John Gråkjær.

If you only see the dangers in the industry and not the challenges, you should not be an entrepreneur! However, it is most important that the ideas that drive the company are sustainable, and to implement them you have to have skilled employee.
"I tell my managers that they need to hire people who are better than them; I always have. There is no business manager that can do it all themselves. So buy the skills you do not possess. Of course, sometimes I employ a person who does not fit into the team, and it is important to assume responsibility and say: I'm sorry, but I hired you on the basis of false premises. That's my fault - should we not go our separate ways? Thus allowing the employee to move on without feeling like he/she has suffered a setback. It is also important to ensure you have a good bank that believes in you. If your finances are not in order, you can not operate - a skilled accountant is a must," explains John Gråkjær.

"You have to show confidence to gain trust"
Competent employees and a concept that is in demand on gives you a good start. Now it's all about ensuring the sales corps is prepared, draughspersons and project managers are careful and that the crafts people know their stuff. "In this respect, it is important to me that each employee feels that it is their company," says John Gråkjær ─ "You have to show confidence to gain trust."

A great degree of freedom with responsibility, taking all of the projects available to them, as a challenge, which it is important to resolve to the best of your ability. The values inherent in being an expert in one's own field, provide a high level of job satisfaction, and a sense of responsibility comes with trustworthiness. The words trustworthiness and expertise are the two words that characterise Gråkjær A/S.
"We have been through a process of defining Gråkjær's spirit, and there was a consensus that those two words would illuminate all of our activities. We also have a number of statements that indicate how we wish to implement these values. One of these is "We must enjoy our work", which is very important to me. We are a company that likes a party and we like to celebrate a good result with a big event," says John Gråkjær with a smile. He continues: "Happy employees are better at choosing the correct solution in any given situation. They are more resourceful, which lowers absence due to illness. This is a good reason to ensure the company's employees thrive. As a service to our employees, we have a canteen, a gym and a meditation room" These are just some of the employee benefits the company provides, and we are always adding to this.

John Gråkjær has never participated in business networks or attended a management course, yet he is known as a charismatic, non capricious manager. He finds inspiration for development by participating in meetings with managers and asking the correct questions in order to encourage them. Moreover, there is much to be gained by paying attention to developments and by being constantly at the forefront. "As a business owner, your brain and heart are constantly in gear, so it is important to have a relaxing hobby - playing golf helps me to completely relax" concludes John Gråkjær.

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