Fish Farm to Utilise Waste Water for Oyster Production

​The CNC fish farm project has decided to expand the facility with yet another sustainable initiative. The facility will produce trout and later salmon – but the plan is also to utilise the wastewater from the fish to produce oysters.

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High tech smolt facility makes a big impression

​Gråkjær has constructed a new, high tech smolt facility for Salangfisk. This means that the developer Salangfisk, with Ken Rune at the helm, now has the ideal environment in which to breed 6 million salmon smolt per year.

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Partnering the Way Forward in Dubai

Gråkjær’s partnering agreement paves the way for collaboration based on dialogue, trust, transparency and early involvement of both the developer and the turnkey contractor. Gråkjær now embarks upon the design of a large, land-based fish farm for Vikings Label in Dubai, in which the cooperation will be based on partnering.

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Early Involvement and Matching of Expectations

At a workshop, Cape Nordic Corporation and Gråkjær Aqua will embark on two important elements in their partnering contract.

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The very first consignment of salmon for the lake at Salangfisk

​The Aqua project team reached yet another critical milestone at the fish farming plant at Salangfisk in Northern Norway, when the well-boat received the very first consignment of salmon for the lake.

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Gråkjær and Salmo Terra are entering into a partnering agreement

In 2017 Gråkjær entered into a partnering agreement with Salmo Terra concerning the planning of a large-scale fish-production facility in the vicinity of Bergen. The two parties have now taken the next step and signed a partnering agreement with a view to initiating the construction of the development.

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Gråkjær signs contract with Cape Nordic Corporation

"Our first contract represents a benchmark, since its main focus is on the provision of the water treatment system for a large fish farm for CNC".

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Close to the Final Goal

The construction of Salangfisk has reached yet another milestone with the completion of a pre-smolt unit, which has now been commissioned.

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New Divisional Director of the Norwegian Aqua department has started

Gråkjær sees a growing demand for land-based fish-farming in Norway, and is now establishing a Norwegian aquaculture department headed by Frode Mathisen

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Experienced CFO joins Gråkjær Aqua

​Former CFO of Global Casting will take charge of overall financial management of Gråkjær Aqua’s projects.

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Experience Sævareid Fish Farm up close

​Experience the 5000 m2 aquaculture plant built by Gråkjær up close, in vivid images.

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