Gråkjær A/S - CSR strategy

At Gråkjær A/S we are aware that we have a social responsibility and responsibility towards a number of stakeholders. We wish to run the corporation in a decent way in which we show concern for people and environment and engage in the community Gråkjær is a part of.

Our values “Trustworthyness and expertise” are deeply rooted in our strategic foundation of the business and the way we engage with eachother, our customers and suppliers.

In Gråkjær we want to take initiatives who ensure progress in the below subjects from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

3. Good health and well-being

4. Quality education

7. Affordable and clean energy

8. Decent work and economic growth

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

11. Sustainable cities and communities

12. Responsible consumption and production

13. Climate action

14. Life below water

17. Partnerships for the goals

In the years to come we will also focus on the remaining UN goals.

How does Gråkjær take social responsibility internally and externally?

Gråkjær A/S runs a profitable company that ensures jobs and thus contributes to the continuing development of our welfare society. We work targeted towards developing the business and profit and thus increase the number of jobs.

We aim at creating health and job satisfaction for our employees; and ensure that the emloyees are well-educated to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the construction industry. We aim at ensuring diversity in the company by giving equal opportunities; and we take social responsibility by welcoming employees with emotional, physical or social challenges in life.

In our construction work within the areas of agriculture, industry, housing and aquaculture we focus on having a responsible construction process by using materials and products as much as possible.

By focusing on energy optimization and use of resources we work on the challenges of climate and environment in the world. Both the environment and the economy of the customer gain from this.

What does Gråkjær do to ensure sustainability and social responsibility?

UN goal 3: Good health and well-being
We offer health insurance for all employees
We acknowledge, that Gråkjær is engaged in a branch with a high pace and thus the risk for employees to suffer from stress. We are aware of this risk and take care of employees by arranging courses in time management and life/work balance.
We offer the employees healthy lunch and fruit programmes.

In the headquarters, we offer free fitness facilities for employees and their families.
Besides, Gråkjær sponsors a number of sport activities within Gråkjær and in the local community.
Gråkjær contributes, through sponsorships for cultural activites and offer the employees to participate in these by handing out free tickets.
Gråkjær staff association hosts a number of arrangements which strengthen the teamspirit across departments.

UN goal 4. Quality ecucation
Gråkjær has made a tailorfit project management education; in which the participants are taught leadership, coorporation, problemsoving and conflict management as well as organization of work.

We have job appraisal interviews in which the personal wishes for empowerment and the company need of well-educated employees are discussed, and individual development plans of continuous supplementary training are made.

UN goal 7 Sustainable energy
We work on development and construction of buildings focusing on sustainability including solar panels, biogas, high insulation value, low energy consumption, rainwater collection and other initiatives.

Through the choice of responsible materials and a by ensuring a sustainable construction process we contribute to a low energy consumption through the construction of our buildings.

We aim to ensure that the project owners take sustainable choices in the design of the project e.g. through guidance within intelligent light and heatcontroll as well as development of prefabricated concept elements to be installed in constructions (bathroom modules etc.).

During demolition we ensure registration of materials and as far as possible recycling of construction materials.

UN goal 8. Decent work and economic growth
We ensure a safe mental and physical working environment for employees and suppliers. A focal point is approving safety and avoiding work related accidents.
Gråkjær employees are ensured salary and work conditions according to current law in force.
We choose suppliers and subcontractors who abide by law in force concering salary and work conditions for both Danish and foreign employees.

In cooperation with Code of Care; we engage people with physical, mental or social difficulties in reduced hour jobs and other light jobs.
We continuously arrange interviews with managers and employees to ensure great work satisfaction in the work place.
To maintain a high level of employee orientation; we continuously hold department meetings and company meetings.

UN Goal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Throuh construction of optimized production facilities, planning of access roads etc. we create innovation for our project owners

UN Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities
Gråkjær has constructed a number of biogas plants. This, contributes to a higher level of sustainability in livestock production.

Through the use of technological possibilities for online meetings Gråkjær reduce human as well as transportation ressources.

We provide co-creation and economical support to organisations who work for development of the local community and sustainability in cities.

UN Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production
Gråkjær continuously develop concept stables that contribute to responsible consumption and production, as these stables optimize animal welfare, energy consumption and environmental protection.

Gråkjær arrange joint meetings with subcontractors on construction projects to ensure a high information level and through this, an increased level of involvement during execution of projects.

UN goal 13. Climate Action
Gråkjær collaborates with project owners on DGNB certified constructions.

We strive to be in front in relation to sustainable construction and climate friendly solutions.

Gråkjær has built up experience with construction of buildings with solar panel roofs to reduce the consumption of fossile fuels.

UN Goal 14. Life below water
Through development of a recirculating aquaculture plant – RAS 2020 – for sustainable landbased fish production, Gråkjær has given our customers the possibility for fish production with a minimum of ocean pollution.

Through construction of production plants for postsmolt, the desease-rate in the fish production decreases.

UN Goal 17. Parterships for the goals
Collaboration with other suppliers on development of environmental - and energy friendly concept stables including “MånegrisStalden”.

By communicating our CSR strategy and informing about the CSR initiatives we participate in we inspire other companies to engage in contributing to the 17 UN sustainable development goals. 


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