PHASE 1 // Consulting - Strategic planning - Location analysis

We provide solutions that meet the individual requirements of specific projects.
By analysing the requirements with the client, we determine the current requirements for entire construction area, and the need for any compartmentalisation of the construction. This subsequently constitutes the basis for a mutually crafted overall project plan, including the determination of subsequent schedules until the conclusion of a final contract. In collaboration with the client, we conduct pre-meetings with the relevant authorities which results in an overall assessment of the relevant regulatory requirements for project approval and implementation.


PHASE 2 // Customised solutions


Based on the project knowledge compiled in Phase 1, all wishes, ideas and requirements are summarised for a first project draft. Our well equipped design and drafting department prepares lucid and beautifully illustrative drafts of possible solutions that reflect the client's wishes and requirements for the project. Gråkjær prepares drafts, service descriptions and calculates a cost estimate for implementing the project.



The basis for the progression of the project is the signed contract, service description and sales drafts. It is on this basis, the complete project documents are prepared for the authorities; containing building application drawings, statistical and energy calculations. Gråkjær takes into account all of the factors necessary for competently and promptly working with the authorities.



Then the actual construction planning begins with the preparation of detailed work drawings, safety and health plans, detailed schedules, the selection of suppliers and subcontractors and the calculation of a payment schedule. Successful construction planning is carried out in collaboration with the client and is essential to a successful and problem-free construction process.


PHASE 3 // knowing the tasks and pursuing the same goals

Following a final client review and subsequent final approval, the project begins. The project manager purchases material and equips the construction site with the necessary service facilities. After this, the actual construction process begins. Throughout the construction process, building meetings are held with relevant participants, selected on the basis of the relevant stage of the construction. As completion of the construction project approaches, we invite the client to a handover procedure. The entire construction process is reviewed, starting the with original contract and any amendments to the collaboration during the construction process.


PHASE 4 // Warranty

When the construction project is completed and handed over, we will of course remain available. During commissioning or during the first year, cracks may appear in the concrete, there may be a leak or some other form of complaint. Gråkjær maintains and supports its constructions, during commissioning and over subsequent years.
Satisfied customers also buy their next buildings from us.


FLEXIBILITY // Individual Requirements

There are may be productions, work environments or other reasons that your project does not fit the standard Gråkjær project. That is not a problem for us, but rather a challenge. All described project phases can be adapted to your needs, and managed on the basis of a specifically agreed project procedure. We build all over Europe, for all different purposes, so we are well aware of the different requirements and cultures of our clientèle.
Individual customer requirements are not a problem for us, but rather a challenge.



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