climate friendly stables at Bregentved

Guests from all of Denmark were inspired at the succesful initiation of stable project Bregentved.

2.500 guests attended the initiation of four climate friendly stables at Bregentved, Zealand, Denmark. They experienced Gråkjær’s ultra modern stable facilities – where the most co2 friendly pork in the world will be produced.  

Focus on environment, climate and animal wellfare

At the initiation, owner of Bregentved, Christian Moltke proudly explained about the four new plants, which during technology and design, will be able to produce environmental- and climate friendly pigs and thus the pork with the lowest co2 emission in the world.

Bregentved will focus on circular agriculture with production of both crops and pork and thereby eliminate the use of artificial fertilizers.

The stables contain environment technologies that reduces the emission of ammonia and reduce smell both within and outside the stables. This also ensures the employees a good working environment.

The environment in the stables will give the pigs a low stress level, low death rate, fewer injuries and a lower medicine use.  

Gråkjær has built four identical plants in total 32.000 m2. The plants are built as turnkey contracts for FM Pork. The plants are sized to produce 120.000 slaughter pigs a year.

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