Gråkjær doubles net result

Building contractor Gråkjær successful in building projects for agriculture, homes, industry and aquaculture. This ensures a historical volume of orders in the company

In the past financial year Gråkjær has accomplished a profit before taxes of 30,6 mill. DKK. The company enters the new financial year with a historical high volume of orders. Gråkjær CEO Jan Larsen proudly states: “We have moved into new markets in the construction industry and it has resulted in this very satisfactying result; with approximately the same turnover we have doubled the net result. The knowhow we have in completing large construction projects under tight time control and high quality, we have used, during the past year, to construct buildings for the corporate sector and now also landbased aquaculture and house buildings. Both areas are in growth and here, we have the competent employees and the technological control needed”

Rising demand for industry and house buildings

CEO Jan Larsen determines that there is an increasing need for new square metres in the housing sector. A part of the investors who have earlier built industry buildings are now investing in housing. These property developers seek Gråkjær’s competences. Therefore, Gråkjær’s Industry Division have expanded into the housing sector. ”We have just started building two projects. Here, we build youth residences and rented accommodation for investors in Zealand – and there are more similar projects in the pipeline” Jan Larsen explains. “We are ready to enter into strategic collaborations with the many investors who approach us at the moment”.  

The Industry divison also complete public projects in the areas of teaching facilities and sports facilities. Additionally, right now the division is completing a major project, Aarhus Light Rail, in which the company builds the Control- and Maintenance Centre as a turnkey project. The project will be finished during the summer 2016. The latest 10 years, the turnover in the Industry division has increased significantly. Thus, today the Industry division delivers a major part of the total turnover in Gråkjær.

Increased market share within agricultural construction

Gråkjær is known for constructing farm buildings in the majority of Northern Europe, and will continue doing so. In this segment Gråkjær has increased the market share, despite decline in the level of investments in Denmark

Landbased Aquaculture is booming

The third division (which was established in 2015), the Aquaculture division, constructs facilities for landbased aquaculture, which there is a growing demand for. In cooperation with a watertechnology company Gråkjær has developed the RAS 2020 concept. This building concept creates opportunity for feeding fish in a sustainable way – as the water from the production is rinsed and recirculated. This reduces the environmental impact significantly. Gråkjær builds facilities in several contries; with Norway as the primary market.

Investment in the future

Overall, about half of Gråkjær’s turnover comes from foreign markets, which makes the company less sensitiv to  market fluctutations in the Danish market for construction. By spreading activities into more segments Gråkjær has decreased economic risk connected to customers in a single market. “We are no longer completely dependent on the development in fx Danish agriculture, as we have customers in other lines of business as well. This means, that the economic situation of Gråkjær today is very stable” CEO Jan Larsen determines. A good share of the economic result is invested in the employees. “Within the next year we plan to add  more knowledge ressources to the company. Our project managers will attend a customized Project Management eductation and all employees attend regular courses in digital project- and time management.

New office

”To continue the positive development we establish office facilities in Copenhagen. We have many building projects in Zealand and we see an increasing market for Gråkjær. This must be supported by employees living and working locally in Zealand” the satisfied CEO adds. He expects, that the result for 2016/2017 will also show a stable profit, based on the present high volume of orders consisting of project that have been approved by the authorities and with the funding in place, so the completion of the projects are secured.

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