Inauguration of a new showroom

Satisfied customer had a second showroom built

On the second day of the year, Nissan opened the doors to their new car showroom, which we at Gråkjær have built for property developers Peter Selck and Martin Frykmann.  Peter Selck is:"Pleased and proud of the result, and not least of having transformed a disused, unheated egg packing plant from 1955 into a Nissan concept store - without squandering our money," he stated in an email.

What the customers can now see and experience at the Nissan showroom is a complete reconstruction of the egg packing plant that previously stood on the premises.  Approx. six months ago, just the building's frame remained, while today there is a 360 m2 steel and glass extension for use as showroom and customer facilities, as well as a 560 m2 renovation to be used as a workshop, car wash and warehouse.

It is not the first time that Selck and Frykmann have chosen to collaborate with Gråkjær.  On the neighbouring plot stands the Ford car showroom, which Gråkjær built for the same satisfied developers.

See the great pictures of the Nissan showroom and read more here.

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