Exclusive non-profit homes with a view

Cooperation between developer and housing association resulted in non-profit and owner-occupied flats with a fantastic view

22 homes with a fantastic view over the Marina in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark, are actualised in a cooperation between Nykøbing Falster Boligselskab (housing association) and delegate developer Sophieholmen Inderhavnen ApS – and built by turnkey contractor Gråkjær. 

Attractive non-profit flats

Of the 22 flats that are built, 9 are sold as owner-occupied flats and the rest are non-profit flats.

“As we are a small company with architectural competences in-house we have had the opportunity to put a lot of energy into the architecture” Claus Sivager, owner of Sophieholmen Inderhavnen ApS, says.

The building is shaped to fit the location in a way that it fits the existing buildings and take advantage of the view and the marina and at the same time it has a modern look inspired by functionalism and modernism. It is built of concrete elements and with  white plastering. All flats have a balcony a view of the marina.

The counsil flats are between 77 and 114 m2 and the owned flats are between 78 and 182 m2.

Fantastic cooperation with the key contractor

As investor and developer Claus Sivager has had a good experience working together with key contractor Gråkjær. “From the start of negotiations we have had an open and honest dialogue with Gråkjær. All agreements have been overholdt – including the oral. Gråkjær stands by their word. The cooperation has focused on getting the best possible construction. We got exactly what we agreed – in a very high quality – we had a brilliant cooperation”

Indoor photos are from an exhibition flat.

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