An energy-efficient Gråkjær construction for Vordingborg Køkkenet

The property developer, Vordingborg Køkkenet, has signed a turnkey contract with Gråkjær A/S to build a large new head office, which will attract new customers and the very best employees in the future.

Vordingborg Køkkenet's head office will be built on two storeys with a total area of 1815 m2, with an added 2700 m2 terrace and parking spaces.  The building will be constructed from solid, prefabricated concrete sandwich panels with exposed black granite on the façade. 

Gråkjær's construction will be energy-efficient, as the building will be heated via energy-saving heating pumps in the air-to-water system.  The building will also be equipped with energy-optimised ventilation, climate control and lighting control systems. 

"The staff can look forward to working in light and friendly up-to-date premises, where the rooms are furnished out of regard for the company's working areas and are designed as a combination of individual offices and open office environments.  Vordingborg Køkkenet's head office will also have its own conference and showroom facilities, placed in a unique position with panoramic views out over the Storstrømmen Strait," states sales manager Benny Hansen from Gråkjær Industribyg.

The building is expected to be finished at the end of October 2015.

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