The very first consignment of salmon for the lake at Salangfisk

​The Aqua project team reached yet another critical milestone at the fish farming plant at Salangfisk in Northern Norway, when the well-boat received the very first consignment of salmon for the lake.

The client, Ken Rune Bekkeli and the client consultant, Tore Ratkje, who accompanied the fish en route to the boat, were both satisfied and delighted.

The salmon weigh approximately 120-130 grams, and will be hatched and bred in the new plant at Salangfisk. The technologically advanced RAS plant includes a hatchery, first feeding, a vaccination platform, a pre-smolt unit and a smolt and post-smolt unit, and also includes an administration building.

The video shows the journey of the fish from the plant to the well-boat. So click below and join the fish on their travels.

If you would like to find out more, check the reference here, and read the latest news about Salangfisk below.

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