High tech smolt facility makes a big impression

​Gråkjær has constructed a new, high tech smolt facility for Salangfisk. This means that the developer Salangfisk, with Ken Rune at the helm, now has the ideal environment in which to breed 6 million salmon smolt per year.

From his office window Ken Rune Bekkeli has a view of Sagfjord and the breathtaking landscape of Salangen.  From this office he can manage the production of salmon smolt. The smolt facility comprises a hatchery, a start feeding section, a fry section and two growth sections. Additionally, the facility includes a vaccination platform, a sorting machine and an administrative building spread across an area of 9,000 m2.   

After hatching the fish remain at the facility until they reach a weight of 250 grams. This takes approx. 1 year. Half of the smolt are then transferred to sea ​​cages in the lake belonging to Salaks AS, which is the 100% owner of Salangfisk AS, while the remainder of the smolt are sold to other fish production companies. Smolt are typically transferred to the lake when they weigh 70-100 grams, while at this particular facility the salmon smolt are allowed to grow until they weigh 250 grams. This serves to reduce the production time in the lake by 6-8 months, and by spending fewer days in the lake the salmon are less exposed to lice and other stress factors. 

Salaks Holding AS is the parent company of Salangfisk. The Salaks group also includes Salaks A/S, which is a fully-integrated salmon breeding company with its own slaughterhouse, and Brønnbåt Nord AS.  Via these three companies Salaks controls the entire value chain of salmon production – from roe to meat fish, packing the fish into boxes and preparing the fish for sale to consumers.  


A fish production plant and office facilities with a focus on the working environment
The administration and office facilities have been constructed in a unique architectural style. The curved reception is constructed from glass, and stepping inside the building one is greeted by a floor decorated with mosaic patterns. A glass elevator has been incorporated linking the two storeys of the building.  

The large conference room provides a view of the facility’s fry section, and via screens in the control room the facility’s operators can monitor fish production in its 41 fish tanks. Water parameters such as oxygen level and temperature can be controlled from the control room, and feeding can be accomplished via fully-automated feeding machines. 

The staff at the facility have thus been provided with a well thought out work environment in which to run the facility. Well-lit offices, ideal changing facilities and a canteen featuring works of art and a living plant wall. Bold colours are used throughout the facility’s architecture. The facility furthermore features a large terrace providing a view of the local mountains.  

The facility’s managing director, Ken Rune Bekkeli, who is the day-to-day head of Salangfisk, says: “I am proud of our new facility. It is everything we designed it to be, and everything we hoped for in a smolt facility. The first salmon from the facility are due to be slaughtered as early as summer 2019, after being transferred to the lake at a weight of 100 grams in May 2018. These salmon started life at the facility as roe in the summer of 2017, and have passed through the entire facility from the hatchery through start feeding to becoming fry and being vaccinated. Approx. 700,000 smolt were then transferred to sea cages, and have subsequently thrived, growing well with a very low mortality after being transferred. Salaks is looking forward to slaughtering the salmon this coming summer. Around 1.3 million smolt have since been transferred, with an average weight of over 250 grams.” 

And he concludes: "Salaks is very much satisfied with the investments it has made, and looks forward to producing high quality smolt at this facility in the years to come". 

Gråkjær A/S, Fabersvej 15, DK-7500 Holstebro  ·  Tlf. +45 96 13 55 55  ·  graakjaer@graaakjaer.dk