Gråkjær and Salmo Terra are entering into a partnering agreement

In 2017 Gråkjær entered into a partnering agreement with Salmo Terra concerning the planning of a large-scale fish-production facility in the vicinity of Bergen. The two parties have now taken the next step and signed a partnering agreement with a view to initiating the construction of the development.

Partnering agreement as collaborative model
The fish processing facility, which will be more than 6000 m2 in size, is to be constructed at Øygarden near Bergen, Norway, with Gråkjær as turnkey contractor. The construction contract entered into between Salmo Terra and Gråkjær is based on a so-called partnering agreement, which entails that the parties to the agreement jointly optimise the financial, quality, timetabling and construction process aspects of the project. 

“By entering into a partnering agreement for a project of this size Salmo Terra and Gråkjær have 
secured a joint interest in keeping the development within its budget, and are united in taking the right decisions, benefitting the project both at a functional and a financial level. Transparency both in the project phase and the procurement phase is a cornerstone of this model,” stresses Morten Malle, division manager at Gråkjær AS. He continues: “By involving Salmo Terra in the process at such an early stage we look to achieve the optimum synergetic effect from all of the decisions taken in the course of the project.”

The partnering agreement optimises our cooperation
Throughout the initial process the two parties have engaged in an open collaboration characterised by trust. In this way we have established a design and a budget which matches the wishes and requirements of everyone involved, from the customer to the turnkey contractor. 

“Throughout the entire process Salmo Terra has been involved in all key decisions in the project. As such the contractor has to a significant extent had a hand in shaping the project and has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the chosen solutions,” says Gråkjær’s project manager Jakob Kjøgx. 
“Now we can all focus on putting the final details of the design into place in preparation for the implementation of the construction proper. We have got the most out of this collaborative model and as a result have the best possible basis for ultimately delivering a good outcome to the project,” continues Jakob Kjøgx.

Gråkjær handles both construction and RAS
At present Gråkjær operates as a turnkey contractor in the construction of land-based fish farms in multiple locations across Europe. In this project, besides the construction element, Gråkjær will also supply RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) technology. The project comprises a facility approx. 6200 m2 in size with two identical grow-out modules, each of which can produce up to 1200 tonnes of salmon per year. Each grow-out module consists of a WTS (Water Treatment System) with 12 fish tanks, each of which is 625 m3 in size. 

Commencement of construction has been planned
The contractor is currently in the process of investigating the ground conditions at the site where the fish farm is to be situated. After this Gråkjær Aqua can commence construction. The first grow-out module is expected to be ready for fish in the second half of 2019, and the project as a whole is expected to be completed at the close of 2020.

Fact box:

Salmo Terra
Salmo Terra is a Norwegian enterprise whose goal is to construct and operate salmon processing facilities with a focus on sustainability, fish health and a final product which is of a high standard. This goal is achieved via land-based fish farms.

Gråkjær AS
For over 45 years Gråkjær has worked as a turnkey contractor within the sphere of construction for agriculture and industry – and now also land-based aquaculture facilities for production of both smolt and big fish for consumption. The company employs 125 staff who handle everything from consultancy and consultation with relevant environmental and administrative authorities to design, project planning and construction of large-scale construction projects. The company has experience of over 4000 construction projects.

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