Experienced CFO joins Gråkjær Aqua

​Former CFO of Global Casting will take charge of overall financial management of Gråkjær Aqua’s projects.

Allan Harritslev Nielsen has been appointed CFO/Controller at Gråkjær Aqua. He was previously employed as CFO at Global Casting where he held responsibility for the overall financial management of the 1,000-man strong company with annual turnovers exceeding 160 million Euro. Allan arrives with a BCom and an MSc in Business Administration and Auditing.

He also brings management experience and exhaustive knowledge of estimates and costing. Following a one-and-a-half-year residency in Norway in his former job, Allan is also knowledgeable about the country that is Grækjær Aqua’s primary market. He also brings commercial insight in terms of establishing long term relationships with customers.

This is not the first time Allan has encountered Gråkjær. He previously worked as auditor for the firm. Now Allan will assume overall responsibility for the general financial management and reporting on Gråkjær Aqua’s projects, including reviews of costings and estimates, contracts as well as participating in project reviews etc.

“I can sense that Gråkjær still retains the same spirit as when I first came to the company at the start of the 2000s. A drive and a passion to carry out construction projects while always serving the client with a smile. I look forward to being part of this,” says Allan Harritslev Nielsen.  

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