Experience Sævareid Fish Farm up close

​Experience the 5000 m2 aquaculture plant built by Gråkjær up close, in vivid images.

Gråkjær constructed this considerable expansion of the smolt installation of an existing plant for its client, Sævareid Fiskeanlegg AS, in beautiful environs beside the fjord and close to the Norwegian town of Sævareid.

The smolt installation contains two RA (recirculating aquaculture) systems and 10 fish tanks in a new fry system of around 5.000 m2. In addition, we have built a 4-storey administration building with space for offices and canteen, services/technical department as well as a sorting/vaccination platform. 

The plant can produce 20 million smolt annually and salmon smolt of 5 - 500 grams swim in the tanks.

See the plant in action and up close in the video below. 

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