Early Involvement and Matching of Expectations

At a workshop, Cape Nordic Corporation and Gråkjær Aqua will embark on two important elements in their partnering contract.

This week, Gråkjær Aqua will be holding a two-day workshop with Cape Nordic Corporation. Gråkjær Aqua will make a flying start on the ‘partnering contract’ with the early involvement of each other in the process.  The overall objective is not only to forge a closer link between the client and Gråkjær Aqua, but also to match expectations in terms of what the client and we as turnkey contractor will contribute to the project. 

For Cape Nordic Corporation, Gråkjær will plan and provide the design for a large fish-production facility near Cape Town in South Africa. More specifically, Gråkjær’s order consists of design, processing equipment, supervision, project management, fish farm support, training and start-up. 

The workshop will be about clarifying what functionalities the fish-production facility will contain and evaluating the different solutions that suit this project. “We don’t want to risk missing something out in our offer in terms of Cape Nordic Corporation’s expectations, and we want to make sure that their subcontractors are aware of what our partnering contract involves. That way we will guarantee that nothing falls between two stools. This is very important,” says Jens Jensen, Business Developer at Gråkjær Aqua. “We can then make a serious start on the project.”

Start-up of project is expected to begin at the end of this year.


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