Close to the Final Goal

The construction of Salangfisk has reached yet another milestone with the completion of a pre-smolt unit, which has now been commissioned.

Salangfisk’s parent company, Salaks, is a company with a full-line production that produces smolt and slaughter fish, and has its own slaughter plant. Now Salaks is expanding its smolt production with a technologically advanced RAS plant in order to increase own smolt production in the sea. Traditionally, smolt has been put out in the sea when they are 70-100 grams. This new plant will be able to produce salmon smolt of 250 grams and reduce production time in the sea by 6-8 months.  

The plant is approximately 9,700 m2 and houses a hatchery, first feeding, a vaccination platform, a pre-smolt unit and a smolt and post-smolt unit, and also includes an 850-m2 administration building. Gråkjær is constructing the smolt plant on a turnkey contract basis. It has the same high standard of complexity as in the other plants constructed by Gråkjær.

The hatchery and first feeding units were delivered in the summer of 2017, and Salangfisk already started their fish production while the construction project continued. Around Christmas 2017, the first inset of approximately 1.6 million salmon smolt were moved into the first 8 of in all 20 completed steel basins in the pre-smolt unit. Since then the smolt has been spread into the remaining 12 completed steel basins. 

In the presmolt unit the fish are vaccinated and graded and divided into four different sizes, after which they will be transferred to the basins via grading pipes. This process is carried out with a grading and vaccination machine. In order to avoid stressing the fish when being vaccinated and transported down into the basins, the fish are anaesthetised. Follow this special part of the process in the video below.  

In the near future the priority will be the two smolt and post-smolt units. The fish are transferred to the smolt and post-smolt unit in the final phase of the production process before being released into the fjord. Kim Mosgaard, Gråkjær's Technical Director says: "One smolt and post-smolt unit with 3 large basins is nearly complete, and in the unit with the 6 large basins we are well underway with lanes and line work, while installation work in the actual basins is well under way." 

Salangfisk's new plant will have a production capacity of 6 million salmon smolt, which is 10 times larger than the previous production of 600,000 large smolt.

 The plant is expected to be completed by summer 2018. 

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